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Brightline Appoints Leslie Moynihan as New Lighting Director

Brightline's new light is ideal for hybrid conferencing.
(Image credit: Brightline)

Brightline (opens in new tab) welcomed lighting industry veteran Leslie Moynihan to its team as a lighting designer/CAD Specialist. Moynihan joins Brightline with an extensive background in lighting design for theater, television, dance, live music, and venue grand openings. Her previous position was as a computer drafter and designer with Root Integrated Systems, a Cleveland-based A/V equipment supplier.

In her new role at Brightline, Moynihan is charged with developing custom lighting solutions for Brightline clients and partners, and lighting templates to support specifications for virtual design. Moynihan will also support projects with field installation work. She comes to Brightline with experience working with the company’s products but is looking forward to learning more about the details and photometric data relevant to each light.

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Brightline Appoints Leslie Moynihan as Company’s New Lighting Director.

Leslie Moynihan (Image credit: Brightline)

“I’ve been a Brightline fan for a long time,” said Moynihan. “They’ve figured out how to light optimally for the highest possible video resolution, the resolution that’s most flattering to the subject. The CRI is very high on their lights, and the way the light is designed creates a very soft, flattering light. When I was designing for end users, I found their products superior to what anyone else had out there.” 

Having joined the Brightline team late last month, Moynihan is already at work designing lighting environments. For a corporate space with an architectural aspect of the ceiling that casts shadows, Moynihan is determining how to provide adequate light in the least obtrusive way.

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In the past, Moynihan has designed lighting on projects ranging from local theater productions to the grand opening of the former Gund Arena (now called Rocket Mortgage Field House) as well as concerts at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. She was the lighting director on the first HGTV home design show, “Room by Room.” Moynihan also handled the touring rig during a ballet company’s U.S. tour. 

“Leslie’s got such a broad base of expertise, including superb drafting skills, and she’s just so easy to work with,” said Kathy Katz, co-founder, Brightline. “We’re thrilled to add her talents to our team. We’re confident our customers will come to rely on her counsel very quickly.” 

 “I’m looking forward to being part of what I consider one of the most innovative lighting manufacturers in the world," said Moynihan, echoing the enthusiasm. "I think every job I’ve had up until now has led me to this point.” 

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