4 Companies Sit on 95% of LMS Adoptions (Campus Technology)

"Over the past five years, the higher ed LMS market for institution-wide adoptions in the United States and Canada has become increasingly dominated by 'the Big Four': Instructure Canvas, Blackboard Learn, D2L Brightspace and Moodle, according to a 2018 analysis from e-Literate's Phil Hill. As a result of that 'consolidating market,' the 'ggregate market share' for the year's top four systems has grown from 80 percent to 95 percent over that period."—Source: Campus Technology

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While Instructure Canvas is leading the pack with over one third of the marketshare, the bigger picture just goes to show how the LMS space truly comes down to the four major providers. What does this kind of adoption mean for new solutions that hit the market?