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The Great Online School Scam (Longreads)

The Great Online School Scam (Longreads)

"In a 2013 interview with Philanthropy Magazine, DeVos said her ultimate goals in education reform encompassed not just charter schools and voucher programs, but also virtual education. She said these forms were important because they would allow “all parents, regardless of their zip code, to have the opportunity to choose the best educational setting for their children.” Also in 2013, one of the organizations that she founded, the American Federation for Children, put out a sharply critical statement after New Jersey’s school chief, Chris Cerf, declined to authorize two virtual charter schools. "—Source: Longreads

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The push to expand cyber charter schools is raising big concerns about access, equality, and the quality of education students are receiving. Where do you stand on this issue? —Eduwire Editors