Leveraging Technology to Drive Student Intelligence and Deliver a Great Student Experience

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Engaging with students is more important today than ever before—students of all ages are experienced online shoppers who have been exposed to industry best practices from companies like Uber, Amazon and more. This means they have high expectations of their colleges and universities when it comes to the information they receive, in terms of content, context and medium. For postsecondary leaders, this poses a unique challenge, but at UNC Charlotte they are leveraging their customer lifecycle management system to ensure students are getting the information they need when they need it.

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This Q&A is all about how to get more granular with analytics to better understand your university’s engagement efficacy, including email tracking. This thought leaders discuss how improved personalization and pin-point relevance in student communications are incredibly helpful for staff.


Collaborative Experience is Driving Display Development promo image

Collaborative Experience is Driving Display Development

Smartphones have conditioned us to presume that every screen will do something if we simply press a finger up against it, the demand for displays that offer more than passive viewing—regardless of their form factor—is shaping how collaboration happens in both the enterprise and the classroom.

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8 Steps to Delivering Great Outdoor Audio

Whether you’re holding an outdoor event or you just want to create an environmental “soundscape” on your campus or office park, dealing with outdoor acoustics presents a different set of challenges compared to indoor sound. The same rules don’t necessarily apply.