Product Spotlight December 2008

Product Spotlight December 2008

The test of any leading network is whether it can deliver high-definition video and stereo-audio from a single player, over Cat- 5/6/7 cable, to multiple plasma/LCD screens located up to 2,000 feet away. The most comprehensive system of its kind, DS Vision 3000 combines the longest range available with full bi-directional control and the industries only GUI based management program.


DT Research’s WebDT Event Trigger digital signage system extends current interactive digital signage capabilities from touch screens to events that occur in close proximity. The system detects when a customer picks up a product, walks up to a product display or enters into a demo zone. This motion triggers a multimedia advertisement or product information to begin playing on a nearby digital sign.


Vivitek Corporation announced the first two products in its new line of displays for digital signage applications. The DS4200D and DS4700D are 42-inch and 47-inch commercial and industrial use screens, both built around HD-LCD panels. Vivitek’s digital signage solutions each display in clear 1920 x 1080p accurate color and image resolution. Intricate details, and video movement are optimized for variable light and high-usage digital signage placements. In addition, the displays are each equipped with add-on expansion module design with HDI for customization. Modular design features also minimize external cable needs, and portrait mode capabilities optimize the digital displays for use in retail point-of-sale applications.

Planar Systems debuted the new CoolSign 4.0—the next generation of its digital signage software. Planar CoolSign 4.0 offers enterprise scalability that enables organizations to scale up from just a few digital signage players to thousands—without any impact to content delivery. Planar also recently announced that CoolSign is the first digital signage software platform to integrate with Google Calendar and Google Docs applications. Additionally, Planar announced availability of new content templates to assist customers who do not have dedicated design resources or are new to digital signage projects. These templates provide customers with multiple, easily-updated and dynamic ads to fill frequently-rotating schedules.


Sony’s newest LCD full high-definition displays are the 42-inch FWD-S42H1 and 47-inch FWD-S47H1 are designed for high brightness and high resolution in commercial applications, including digital signage. Each has full 1920 x 1080 resolution, ideal for displaying content in stadiums, arenas, event halls, movie theaters and more. The displays are specially designed to accommodate Sony’s HD digital signage player, model VSP-NS7, with screw holes so users can easily mount the player to the rear of the display. Users can control and manage the displays remotely, and the displays automatically detect use in landscape or portrait mode. Invisible speakers, rear control buttons and a slim bezel design blend into the décor of any setting.


The AdderLink X50-MS video extender is a link transparent USB video extender that delivers video quality at up to 1920 x 1200 together with 44.1kHz digital stereo audio over a single Cat-x cable. It enables USB peripherals to be extended up to 165 feet from the computer. The AdderLink X50-MS adds a second video and transparent, high speed RS232 connection, up to baud rates of 19200. The extra functionality allows for the extension of computers with dual monitors commonly used in a variety of KVM extension scenarios. The AdderLink X50-MS allows fine picture adjustments. Control of extended computers through a local video and audio output at the transmitter unit is also possible. The X50-MS is ideal for interactive digital signage applications such as point-of-sale and touch screen kiosks.

Southern Vision System, Inc. (SVSi) has released a new stand-alone, audiovisual transmitter which encodes digital content for distribution over an Ethernet LAN. The SVSi voLANte VMT 105 stand-alone digital AV transmitter, when deployed with voLANte VRR 104 AV receivers at displays, provides additional flexibility in deploying an out-of-home digital signage network. With its small footprint, the voLANte VMT 105 ideal for confined spaces and offers the same high-quality video as the voLANte VTC 103 AV transmitter card. Designed to be stacked together, voLANte VMT 105 stand-alone transmitters offer a compact solution for streaming up to six video channels over Cat-5 cable.

Stratacache’s ActiVia will be available as a comprehensive Software as a Service (SaaS) offering beginning January 1, 2009. This expanding area of the Stratacache business provides users with an affordable, flexible solution for powerful OOH and in-store digital marketing. In a SaaS business model, users access a hosted ActiVia for Media server cluster via a per month per player contract, with Stratacache technical support services included. As a SaaS solution, end users do not need to manage a server, content distribution, or a database-they can focus on the message and not the medium. The ActiVia for Media SaaS model will be hosted out of a new Stratacache data center in North America and AT&T data centers around the globe. Through the end of the first quarter 2009, Stratacache will offer a special competitive trade-up program for current users of legacy digital signage solutions to support the launch of this new ActiVia SaaS offering.


NEC Display Solutions released its new MPD-SBC Single Board Computer, which is compatible with the expansion slots found on most NEC large-format LCD displays. The internal PC eliminates the need for external cabling, mounting and power supply equipment, thus providing simplified installation, a clean look and reduced maintenance. The NEC MPD-SBC provides for a seamless internal PC solution that is both cost efficient and flexible. It eliminates the need for an external PC, increasing professional appearance and reducing the bill of materials for the installation. The expansion slot simplifies access to the PC and eliminates the hassle of hiding hardware equipment.

Barix, StreamGuys, and MOH Technologies have teamed to unveil the first customizable, IP-based platform for localized ad insertion in point-to-multipoint audio streaming networks. The scalable solution allows localized in-store advertising within a high-quality audio stream. Customers can upload their advertisement libraries and assign destination sites using the server interface developed by Stream- Guys. The uploaded advertisements are then scheduled via the same interface and assigned to any number of locations. Software from MOH Technologies, hosted by StreamGuys, receives the various advertisement triggers and inserts the relevant advertisement over the main music stream for playback at the assigned locations. A Barix Exstreamer IP audio decoder at each site receives and decodes the music stream for local playback. Multiple Exstreamers in one store allow retailers more flexibility to target different messaging in various departments.

The new PN-S525, designed for extended use in both landscape and portrait mode, replaces its predecessor—model PN- 525U, while the new PN-S655, designed for extended use in landscape mode, replaces its predecessor—model PNG655U. These new models offer high image quality and performance, adding a new LCD component panel for improved resistance to image retention, as well as additional inputs including HDMI and RJ- 45 LAN for advanced connectivity and networking capability. Also joining the professional LCD monitor lineup next month are the PN-S525P and PN-S655P, each with an integrated protective acrylic overlay for high traffic areas.


Digital View’s new ViewStream 400 is a digital video player designed for use with HD LCD and Plasma displays in out-ofhome environments. The ViewStream 400 is designed to be used as a stand-alone player without network connectivity. Content is updated via the USB port and a USB memory stick. Standard configuration will allow the ViewStream 400 to store more than 50 hours of content via a SATA hard drive. Content scheduling and play list management is handled using DV Studio Plus, which is supplied free of charge. Supported media formats include MPEG-1, MPEG-2, and MPEG-4 video in standard or high definition native resolution.

Make the most of a display by adding up to four AV devices to one input port. Compatible with component video as well as RCA and digital coax audio, CPNT410IR features a convenient remote learning feature that allows users to use existing component remotes to toggle between inputs. Not only does CPNT410IR deliver the variety needed to complete any AV system, it also offers the signal quality necessary to bring out the best results from input devices. This compact unit can be installed in minutes, and is backed by a 1-year warranty as well as free, lifetime technical support.

Westinghouse Digital Electronics now gives businesses a dynamic twist to attract customers and advertise. With its new neonSource, neonNow, and neon- Player products, businesses have an advanced way to turn their entertainment or information displays into powerful digital signage tools. neonSource is a simple way for businesses to showcase ads on any size flat panel display while customers are watching selected programming. neonNow is a digital signage solution that is preloaded with professionally designed templates for businesses who do not wish to create their own content. neonPlayer is compact content management box with a sleek horizontal set-top-box style chassis.


MagicBox released the Aavelin SignMate with video pass through. The Aavelin SignMate provides the functionality, ease of use and reliability of the current Aavelin offering in a new, compact design perfect for mounting behind displays. In addition the AV 800V has a pass through card that allows the user to pass composite and S-video through the unit either full screen or in scalable window. Use text, graphics, Flash, crawl lines, logo graphics, and a host of available options including RSS feeds, weather forecasts, and database integration to make your digital signs dynamic and effective. Includes the intuitive Aavelin Composer software for content management, design, and scheduling.

Combining a unique shape that is half the height of a traditional display with modern design, LG Electronics’ unique Stretch Screen provides an alternative for digital signage in hard-to-fit installations. LG’s 38-inch class Stretch Screen LCD digital signage monitor allows for a variety of creative digital signage installations. It’s designed as a way to replace the conventional monitor in a variety of environments. LG’s Stretch Screen can communicate multiple messages without seeming obtrusive, including restaurant menus, product information and more. The monitor provides the opportunity for non-traditional and innovative installations to bring versatile signage options to business and retail environments.

The Forbes-AV 4899-X2 Customized Multimedia Lectern.

The new 4899-X2 custom multimedia lectern from Forbes-AV offers a redesigned integratable version of their popular standard unit. Features include a motorized lift, dual intensity work light, digital clock/timer along with two smaller equipment rack shelves under the work surface. Multiple cutouts on the side and top allow for power/data/audio plates or drop-ins and two rigid and two swivel casters aid in mobility from room to room. Available in a variety of laminates or veneers and can be further customized for your project application. Contact: 909.923.4559

232-ATSC HDTV Tuner

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