Nureva Span WM210i and WM220i -

Nureva Span WM210i and WM220i

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The What: Nureva has announced a two-projector option for its recently announced Nureva Span ideation system, giving teams double the horizontal working space.

The What Else: The single-projector Span WM210i ideation system combines a panoramic projector with a digital canvas to create an expansive team workspace measuring 10 feet wide (3.1 m) by 4 feet high (1.2 m), with 130" (3.3 m) on the diagonal. The new WM220i model includes two panoramic projectors installed side-by-side to create a 20 feet wide (6.1 m) seamless collaboration space that is 245-inches (6.2 m) on the diagonal. The images from the two projectors are melded into one image via the image-alignment module included in the system. The Span ideation system draws upon familiar, simple and flexible tools already widely used in paper-based ideation, including sticky notes, images, pages, and flip charts.

The Bottom Line: The digital canvas retains all of the flexibility that paper-based systems offer (e.g., large workspaces with persistent information) while overcoming many of the challenges (e.g., the awkwardness of physically moving large numbers of sticky notes, sticky notes that fall off the wall, inclusion of remote participants in the process, the need for transcription, and storage and retention of the work). The Span ideation system allows multiple teams to use a collaboration room that previously may have been dedicated to a single team for months.


University of Missouri Equips Collaboration Space With Nureva promo image

University of Missouri Equips Collaboration Space With Nureva

The University of Missouri recently installed Nureva’s Span visual collaboration system and HDL300 audio conferencing system within a new collaboration space in its College of Education. The products were installed in the newly designated Nureva Collaboration Room, where faculty members explore ways to incorporate technology into their coursework and model hands-on learning for their students.