‘Huddle’ Up With Collaboration Tech Geared for the Classroom & Conference Room

‘Huddle’ Up With Collaboration Tech Geared for the Classroom & Conference Room

  • As an AV integrator, your client base is seeking to achieve a variety of outcomes from different applications of technology. Finding the common threads among them can help your firm unlock greater potential for profits and a reputation for flexibility that will serve you well.
  • What does an application like education have in common with private enterprise? On the surface, maybe not a lot. But dig deeper and it’s probably more than think.
  • Collaboration is the goal that many clients are aiming to achieve today. They’re looking to foster interactivity among colleagues in the office, clients and vendors, and even students in a classroom. With millennials now making up the largest age group in the workforce and in the classroom, teamwork and collaboration will only grow in importance.
  • Huddle spaces, the popular alternative to proper conferencing areas, can take a variety of forms but are mostly informal places where people can gather to share ideas and learning quickly and efficiently. In education applications, huddle spaces allow students and teachers to engage in small-group sessions that have become central to modern learning. Businesses rely on these spaces for similar purposes.

Collaboration technology specialist ViewSonic has provided these resources to help integrators create interactive spaces, and enlightening ways to help potential clients achieve their goals.

Five Easy Hacks for Your Collaboration Space

Sharpen your creativity with this video, which is loaded with tips on ways your clients can make the most of their collaboration spaces cheaply and efficiently.

Understanding and Implementing Corporate Huddle Spaces

Research suggests that today there are 20 to 25 huddle rooms for every group video conferencing room. Learn about the various designs, challenges and applications of these collaborative spaces in this white paper.
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Rio School District Collaboration Case Study

This rapidly growing Southern California school district implemented collaborative flat screens as a replacement for aging projection systems in its classrooms. In the process, they created interactive spaces for students and teachers, where they can enhance lessons with internet content and video, and more.
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How to Make the Case for Flexible Classroom Design

Classroom design can impact student academic progress by 25 percent, and the gulf between the best- and worst-designed classrooms can account for a full year of academic progress. See how collaborative learning tools can make the difference.
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