Four Ways to a Smarter, More Profitable Future in AV -

Four Ways to a Smarter, More Profitable Future in AV

Taking steps now to improve efficiency will build greater success
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Few business people will challenge the notion that efficiency is key to success. Yet, fewer still are able to achieve it. For AV integrators, misplaced focus and misspent resources can lead to a downward spiral that gums up everything from project management to sales and profitability.

No two days in the life of an AV integrator are exactly the same. Every new job spec, sale and installation challenges your team to be nimble but effective. The common thread is the relationship between you and your clients. Achieving efficiency in the face of mounting administrative tasks, all of the I-dotting and T-crossing across multiple projects, will lead to a more successful future for your business.

An efficient AV integration team moves in synch with a steady rhythm, step by step from the pitch to the sale toward a long, happy vendor-client relationship. The process of achieving this synergy among team members can seem mysterious. But in reality, when all team members are using the same playbook, the dominoes fall in harmony.

Centralize Data to Build Efficiency

Getting processes and people on the same page by centralizing data will allow your company to simplify complex project management, manage tasks and tickets from customers, shorten the procurement process and sharpen agility. Improvements in core processes have a knack for building efficiencies that lead directly to profitability.

ConnectWise, a customer relationship management solution for AV integrators, recommends these four steps for getting the results you want now:

1. Revamp your approach.

First impressions are crucial. If the first step isn’t placed on solid ground, your likelihood of moving forward with a customer is slim. The AV Company’s Guide to Quotes & Proposals will help you create impactful proposals, speed up the sales cycle and upsell with ease.

2. Stay on track.

AV projects are complex enough without veering off course into tasks that drain time, energy and efficiency from the team. Read this new e-book, 5 AV Project Breakdowns and How to Fix Them, and learn how to keep all the pieces on track.

3. Stop wasting time.

How many hours can your team afford to waste in a day? Zero, zilch, nada. Learn key ways to keep your AV integrations on time with Booked Up & Busy: 5 Steps to Maximize Time.

4. Don’t fear change.

Becoming more profitable is an intentional process involving competition analysis, pricing strategy, pitching and managing cash flow. Download 4 Steps to Adding Service-Based Revenue Streams and gain insights into winning the long game.

Want to learn more about the how to achieve efficient team and project management and profitability? Take a quick online tour of the ConnectWise solution now.


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