Is Beer an Undiscovered Health Food? -

Is Beer an Undiscovered Health Food?

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According to natural food authors Larry and Oksana Ostrovsky, grabbing a pint might be healthier than you think. Beer consumed in moderation provides over 9 essential nutrients and 6 distinct health benefits.

The authors assert that some junk foods are actually good for you, while several well-known “health foods” aren’t all they’re cracked up to be.

"I can’t tell you how many eyes we’ve opened about which Junk Foods have healthy qualities, while exposing some health foods that are toxic for your body,” said Ostrovsky. “We’re gratified that those interested in a healthy lifestyle want an unbiased story and not a bunch of hype or debunked opinions.”

Ostrovsky challenged the conventional wisdom of food industry experts with a controversial report entitled “5 Junk Foods That Are Good For You.”

The free report contains several more surprising results for junk food eaters, vegetarians and anyone that doesn’t want to sacrifice the foods they love for long-term health.

Here is a sample of what Ostrovsky exposes in the report:

• The major staple in most “healthy diets” that can actually cause autism, allergies and depression.
• Light or dark beer: which is more healthy and why?
• A popular meat substitute for vegetarians can cause infertility and interfere with the natural digestion process.

The “5 Junk Foods That Are Good For You” Special Report is free and available for immediate download here.


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