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Best Practices for Designing Scalable Audio Networks with Dante

Best Practices for Designing Scalable Audio Networks with Dante

As the analog sunset recedes further into our rearview mirrors, we’re in need of a guide to navigate this new world of networked AV systems design and installation. So, say you’ve determined your next system will be networked using Dante, what are the best practices for designing and building a scalable audio network?

Audinate and Symetrix teamed up with SCN to deliver a webinar outlining new processes, best practices, and procedures required to successfully design scalable audio networks with Dante in live sound and permanently installed systems.

Network design is the key, and the entire concept calls for a fundamentally new approach. Some important considerations include the type of application, your project objectives, and whether it will be an AV-only network or shared with the rest of the enterprise. This information will inform product selection, switch selection and configuration, and commissioning.

Webinar participants were armed with tips, tricks, and checklists to drop directly into existing workflows. Attendees received typical commissioning reports for both analog systems and Dante networks. Systems integrators and AV consultants were prepared to navigate their next Dante system with expertise and efficiency.

Click here to download the full webinar.

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