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Analog Sunset in Commercial AV by Christopher Maione

The time has finally arrived; the analog sunset in AV is on the horizon. If we look at the various playback/display signal levels in a typical AV system we find the following:
Analog Digital

Laptops VGA / SVGA HDMI / DisplayPort

DVD Component HDMI

Document Cameras Composite, S-Video, VGA Not Yet

As the analog signals disappear the entire world of AV connectivity, interfacing, matrix switching and distribution changes. Component signals such as Composite, S-Video, Component Video, RGBS will all become obsolete in favor of the new digital formats including DVI, SDI, HDMI, and DisplayPort

The AV industry, including tech managers, end users, manufacturers, consultants, and system integrators, will need to retool their knowledge in all aspects of equipment, systems design, engineering, integration, installation and operation of the next generation of digital AV systems.

Unfortunately the speech audio/audio teleconference chain is still very analog, and there is only a glimmer of a digital future. The typical speech audio chain:

Microphones – Audio (or Video) Conference Unit — Mixers – Amplifiers – Speakers

Let’s examine some of the typical signal levels in the audio chain:

Microphones Still essentially an analog signal

Audio Conference Interface Still accepts only analog audio (mic / line level) inputs and provides analog audio outputs (line level audio)

Videoconference CODEC Still accepts only analog audio (mic / line level) inputs and provides analog audio outputs (line level audio)

Still accepts only analog audio (line level) inputs and provides analog audio outputs (speaker level audio)

Speakers Still accepts only analog audio (speaker level)

Aside from a few companies providing digital audio interfaces (Biamp, Cobranet, and Aviom), there aren't typical (leading) AV manufacturers with audio products utilizing digital audio inputs and outputs.

When will the commercial audio and professional videoconferencing equipment manufacturer open their eyes and see the sunset? When will we fully move out of the analog world and into the digital domain?

The IEEE is pursuing a new standard, the Audio/Video Bridging 802.1, which is defining a digital audio signal for use over Ethernet (AoE). Hopefully, this “standard” will come into fruition and accepted in the pro-AV world as the going forward digital audio standard.

Christopher Maione, CTS-D, is president of Christopher Maione Associates, a firm specializing in all aspects of AV business, technologies, and marketing strategy. He also serves as an Infocomm Adjunct Faculty member and frequent speaker at global AV industry events. Reach him at

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