AVoIP: Bridging the Knowledge Gap Between AV and IT

The number one issue for integrators working in with converged AV and IT systems is knowledge. AV professionals are familiar with audio and video but, when it comes to a deep understanding of networks — the needs, configuration and operation for enterprise level, medium and large business applications—there is a need for greater understanding and technical expertise.

There is also the issue that, for some time, we have had dedicated AV solutions that have performed well, so breaking habits and embracing brand new solutions (and new paradigms) can be difficult.

Currently, there is a gap in understanding; you’ve been ‘an AV pro’ or ‘an IT pro’, and those areas of knowledge need to be brought together. As an organization, Atlona has an obligation to help, which we are doing via education. The Atlona Academy, for example, offers the OmniStream certification courses. And from a technical and sales perspective, we are also offering courses live at our headquarters in San Jose; we will be taking them on the road for a number of different roadshows this year.

Services need to go further to help integrators and AV professionals, however. This effort includes resources from a pre-sale, sales, and post-sales perspective to assist with AVoIP installations. These initiatives ensure that emerging applications are installed as designed, and operating in the way the end user wants them to work.

Michael Crisci is the Business Development Manager of Atlona.