USSI Global Looks Forward as It Celebrates 35th Anniversary

USSI Global is celebrating its 35th anniversary by helping broadcasters mitigate interference of the long-standing C-Band satellite spectrum to make room for new 5G services. 

USSI Global is also providing ground station and user terminal services across the globe for LEO satellite internet providers, and offering indoor and outdoor digital signage solutions—plus a suite of repair and sparing solutions—to ensure optimum uptime.

“Our ability to adapt to technological changes and support the world’s digital transformation is really what has kept us relevant and growing over the years,” said David S. Christiano, CEO and president, USSI Global. “Our core business is global field services, which has opened up opportunities for us to offer turnkey solutions. We start where everyone else finishes.”

The company was established in 1985 to cater to the emerging VSAT (very-small-aperture terminal) technology, a two-way satellite system that became extremely popular when the U.S. government broke up AT&T in the 1980s. USSI Global created an installation and maintenance network, building its workforce by training satellite TV installers to be satellite data technicians and recruiting a field engineer network that today is the most experienced in the broadcast television industry. 

USSI Global briefly went public in 1989. Two years later, executives returned the company to private status and business boomed. 

Since 1991, USSI Global has installed more than 100,000 VSAT systems, providing two-way communication for service industries throughout the world.

Today, USSI Global’s most prominent business is supporting television broadcasters—providing program management, installation, maintenance, 24/7 technical support, engineering, logistics, and repair services. For almost four decades, USSI Global has supported a major U.S. network’s satellite distribution and affiliate network in all 50 states. Other companies such as Sinclair, Fox, Discovery Channel, and Telemundo also depend on USSI Global each day to maintain and refresh their technology.

Digital signage projects commenced in 1995, and the market has grown into a major focus for USSI Global. In fact, the company’s Digital Signage Division has completed more than 50,000 site installs, and also offers customized maintenance plans, as well as content distribution services.

Beyond its digital signage business, USSI Global is expanding to new vertical markets. For example, EV chargers are in the near future plans. An estimated 10 percent of cars in the United States will be electric by 2030, which will require more than 1 million charging stations to be added to current refueling infrastructures. Christiano sees an opportunity to integrate chargers with touchscreen kiosks to deliver advertising and other messages to consumers, similar to digital signage systems the company has already deployed at convenience stores and restaurants. Also, USSI Global is working in the lab to integrate IoT and AI into its solutions.

During the next three years, USSI Global will also remain focused on stabilizing U.S. broadcast TV quality with 5G/C-Band Interference Mitigation services while clearing the way for 5G. 

“Tens of thousands of antennas across the country have to be filtered to avoid 5G interference,” Christiano said. “We’re well-positioned for this project—we’re already installing new antennas and supporting the transition that needs to take place.”

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