Matrox Technology Was Used to Launch New SMPTE Software—Here's Why

Matrox technology is shown on a laptop integrated with Arbor technology for SMPTE standards.
(Image credit: Matrox, Arbor)

European software developer Arbor launched a new IP SMPTE 2110 standards-based software portfolio built on Matrox ST 2110 hardware and software technologies. Leveraging Matrox Video's latest-generation ST 2110 network interface controller (NIC) cards and native support for the ST 2110 specification, Arbor’s new IP-based video management solutions support a wide range of recording and streaming applications for Europe's leading government agencies and organizations.

Arbor solutions provide government organizations with broadcast-grade audio and video recordings while enabling users with complete control over all audio and video content. A user-friendly interface allows authorized users to search and exchange metadata information—including dates, agenda points, speaker and lecture notes—for a streamlined content management experience.

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“More and more organizations are migrating to IP-based infrastructures to improve their media management workflows,” said Geert Van den Bossche, key account manager at Arbor. “Many of our key customers in the government space have cited the SMPTE ST 2110 suite of standards, professional broadcast-quality video, and future-proof platforms as essential requirements. Matrox’s comprehensive ST 2110 offering met all of these criteria while allowing us to quickly turnaround and bring to market a new series of IP-based solutions.”

Matrox ST 2110 tools simplify the design of reliable and scalable COTS-based 10 GbE and 25 GbE IP solutions. Matrox ST 2110 NIC cards offload all packet processing required for ST 2110-20, ST 2110-30, ST 2110-31, and ST 2110-40, as well as ST 2022-7 redundancy, to free up system resources. Meanwhile, the Matrox DSX SDK provides the reliability and stability required for demanding recording or streaming operations. A unified architecture common across all Matrox ST 2110 NIC, SDI I/O, and H.264 codec cards, the DSX SDK supports key functions—including file reading/writing, memory management, and a range of file formats, codecs, and effects—to facilitate an agile development effort. The DSX SDK is continuously maintained to synchronize with future evolutions of the ST 2110 specification to ensure up-to-date, future-proof platforms.

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“Matrox’s DSX SDK tools helped us immensely in the development process," Van den Bossche explained. "We did not have to worry about deep, low-level developments to include features such as ST-2059 PTP timing, ST 2110-21 traffic shaping and delivery timing, or NMOS support. This reduced the complexity of building an ST 2110 solution from the ground up. We also see the new Matrox ConvertIP ST 2110 converters playing a valuable role in many projects to monitor IP content within ST 2110 networking infrastructures.”

“With the commitment that Matrox Video is making in the development of SMPTE ST 2110, customers like Arbor can focus on their areas of expertise where they can continue to add value to their customers’ various workflows,” commented Christophe Crespin, OEM sales manager for EMEA at Matrox Video. “We’re happy to see that our ST 2110 NIC cards and DSX SDK developer tools help Arbor quickly transition into the IP space to empower their government customers with recording and live broadcasting platforms to capture and share all essential conferences, presentations, and communications.”

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