Piranha Kills

Piranha Kills
  • LAS VEGAS, NV-Limelite DJ Supply (Las Vegas) recently installed Electro-Voice loudspeakers at the newly-renovated Piranha club in Las Vegas as part of its complete audio, lighting, and video design at the upscale nightspot. A slew of EV QRx and Sx boxes provide a balance of sonic subtlety in the sumptuously appointed "8 1/2 Lounge," and sonic muscle in the two-story main room at Piranha. Limelite DJ Supply worked with Buck Tallman and Dave Brown of EV reps, Quantum Sales, on the project.

In addition to two Electro-Voice QRx218S subs on both sides of the stonework fireplace in Piranha's lounge, four QRx115 boxes were installed around the lounge dance floor.
"The space is split up into two main areas; the 8 1/2 Lounge for chilling and Piranha for the full-bore club experience," said Steve Likourinou of Limelite DJ Supply. "We installed sound reinforcement that would work well for each area without affecting the architectural ambience. Wherever we could, we camouflaged the QRx boxes by recessing them into the walls. For example, on both sides of the stonework fireplace in the lounge there are two QRx218S subs, discretely delivering the low end. We used this approach in the main room, too; the systems blend into their surroundings nicely, yet have the headroom to hit some serious SPLs."

In addition to the two QRx218S subs in the lounge, Limelite DJ installed four QRx115 boxes around the lounge dance floor. Sx300 boxes provide fills on the other side of the bar, and cover the large patio area off the lounge. In the main room there are six QRx218S subs, also recessed into the walls, working with six QRx115 boxes mounted over and around the dance floor. Two more QRx115 fills fire down onto the dance floor from each corner of the open upper deck.

"The whole club sounds fantastic," added Likourinou. "The 8 1/2 Lounge is a great spot to relax, and, in contrast, the combination of QRx sound and state-of-the-art lighting in the main room is really intense. We put some serious lights in there, including a 300-milowatt laser that does grids and pyramids. The QRx subs punch out the massive bottom end we needed to complete the desired effect: total sensory immersion."