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Roland Offers New House of Worship Toys

The house of worship market is one of the markets where I've worked for quite a long time, and we're always looking for products that make our jobs easier.

Now you may be thinking "we're ALL looking for things to make our jobs easier," and you'd be right, of course. But what makes this concept unique to the H.O.W. market is that we need products that not only make our jobs better but make the job easier for our end users and their vast number of volunteer team members.

  • With H.O.W., you need to take extra care to ensure that not only do you follow all the great steps of ensuring that you've got all the right products spec'd and that they'll all work together to achieve the desired result—you then need to make the most difficult decision of your spec or project: "Is this product/solution going to be easy enough to show a team of volunteers who may not be paying close attention during your training sessions?"
  • Enter Roland's new VR50HD Multi-Format AV switcher that takes inputs from any SDI, HDMI, etc sources while supporting HDCP. By building off their other rock solid switchers that have been around and used wildly for quite a few years, Roland has built another, larger mixer that is feature packed and is greatly equipped for facilities where volunteers are prevalent. To make this unit even more attractive to the H.O.W. market, you'll also find a USB3 port to allow direct access to cpu based for the increasingly important footage archiving and the equally important podcasting capabilities. One little thing about the USB3 output: You can scale it! Yup, I said scale the USB output. So you can be working with 1080p video and switching it accordingly and then come back and change the USB3 video output for your podcast to a 720 stream vs a 1080p stream.
  • So now that I've told out all about this latest switcher, go take a look at it yourself. It's a great product that will be great addition to your product arsenal!
Matt D. Scott
Matt D. Scott is the president and founder of OMEGA Audio Video, in London, ON. Scott had his first encounter with pro audio at age six when a PA loudspeaker fell, cracking his head, and leaving a scar to this day. After mopping up the blood, Scott started his AV career and has been working in both commercial and residential AV ever since. A self-professed tech-head, Scott shares his opinions on social media, local radio,,, and with various publications.