AQAV Launches New Systems Rating Index for Technology Longevity

AQAV Launches New Systems Rating Index for Technology Longevity

The Association for Quality in Audio Visual Technology’s (AQAV) new Systems Rating Index (SRI) for Longevity is now available as a free download from its website, The SRI provides technology managers with a reliable reference baseline for gauging longevity of audio-visual system designs, and offers changes that can be made to extend it.

“Before technology managers ‘freeze a design,’ they should consider all the latest technologies at their disposal and the expected longevity of the system,” said Mario Maltese, executive director of AQAV. “Will it still be current in two, three, or five years? What is the potential harm to the customer or their personal reputation as a system designer if they fail to do so?”

AQAV’s SRI for Longevity rating sheds light on this matter in a simple index form that’s easy to apply. System infrastructure is broken into five categories. Each category has five criteria. Meeting all the criteria in every category earns a rating of 100, but weighted for price and other considerations.

“One simple design change can have a major impact on longevity and may not even affect cost. The SRI rating is currently the only way to know,” Maltese said. ”Customers can refer to the SRI rating to make sure they’re getting a system that will last as long as they’re expecting. Integrators can use it to demonstrate to customers the strength of their designs.”

The SRI for Longevity rating has been incorporated into the latest (2016) edition of AQAV’s AV9000 Standard in the Design Review Checklist and other sections of the Standard to further assist AV systems designers in their quest for excellence.

For more information and a free download of the Systems Rating Index for Longevity see the AQAV website.

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