No Child Left Behind

Classroom Amplifier System Supports Initiative
In the era of the federal government's "No Child Left Behind" initiative, there's an emerging focus on making certain that children in the nation's public schools really learn what's being taught. While the administrative emphasis is on accountability, testing and educational standards, the program also is having the effect of refocusing attention on ensuring that schools have the resources and infrastructure needed to effectively teach.

For a couple of school districts in Ohio there's an emerging emphasis on the ability for students to not only listen, but to also easily hear the spoken word.
Two school districts outside Cleveland, Avon Lake City Schools and Midview Local School District, are taking bold steps to ensure that the learning process isn't compromised by the students' inability to adequately hear teachers in the classroom. To accomplish that, both are turning to the wireless communications amplification technology from Sennheiser Electronic Corporation.

Working with Cleveland-based systems integrator, SoundCom Systems, the districts have embarked on an ambitious program to install new-generation wireless microphone-based audio systems in as many classrooms as their budgets will allow over the next several years. In the Midview district, the impetus is coming from a state mandate requiring districts that receive a certain amount of state funding to provide classroom sound amplification systems. In Avon Lake, where those mandates don't apply, the push is coming from the simple recognition that students learn far better with a 10-15 dB increased amplification of a teacher's voice. It's proven to be a great investment in education.

Comprised of Sennheiser EMP2015-G2 receivers, SK300-G2 bodypack transmitters, ME4 lapel microphones, BA2015 rechargeable battery packs and L2015 battery charging units, the Sennheiser Soundfield Classroom Amplification wireless system gives each district a reliable method of wirelessly amplifying sound in the classroom.

Avon Lakes' initial purchase of 20 Sennheiser Soundfield Classroom Amplification units is the first installment of what will hopefully be a phased installment program spanning three years.
SoundCom will install Midview's system over the course of the next year, in time to have three new elementary school buildings, now being built, to be fully outfitted in time for the start of the 2005-6 school year.

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