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Zytronic, a leader in durable, high-performance Projected Capacitive Technology (PCT™ and MPCT™) touch sensors, today announced that a new version of its rugged, customized touch screens is now available to support secure PIN entry applications via its development partner, Cryptera. The new PCI PTS (PIN Transaction Security) compliant product, named CryptoTouch® Unattended has been co-developed with Cryptera, a world leader in Secure Payment Technologies.

Cryptera CryptoTouch Unattended is available in any design of Zytronic touch sensors between 10 – 24” diagonal, enabling authenticated payments to be handled completely via the touch screen in ATMs, kiosks and other payment terminals without the need for a separate encrypting mechanical PIN pad (EPP). The solution includes an Encrypted Touch Controller and a Secure Touch sensor purpose-designed to meet PCI 3.x and EMV requirements. CryptoTouch Unattended links with a Secure Chip and PIN or Contactless Card Reader in order to allow support for offline PIN verification. CryptoTouch Unattended and Zytronic touch screens have already been successfully used together in ATMs for a European bank.

Commenting, Brian Schleisner, Vice President Sales and Marketing, Cryptera A/S said, “The increasing use of touch screens as the main user interface in unattended transactions has created a need to allow sensitive information to be entered securely on the screen. Zytronic and Cryptera have worked together to create a solution that addresses this need, simplifying the design of unattended kiosks, ticket machines, car park payment terminals and ATMs.”

He continued, “Zytronic PCT touch screens are currently the only screens of this size integrated with CryptoTouch technology.”

Ian Crosby, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Zytronic added, “As card payments eclipse cash, there is a clear expectation that unattended payment terminals of all kinds will accept this form of payment. Integrating a separate encrypting PIN pad for authentication increases system cost and can be inconvenient, spoiling the sleek, clean lines that kiosk designers and users are increasingly seeking. We are delighted to say that Cryptera and Zytronic have been working closely together for several years to address the technical challenges associated with fully protecting sensitive information transmitted from the touch screen to the controller and onwards – all meeting the exacting standards set by EMV and PCI. Customers can be secure in the knowledge that the Cryptotouch solution has the backing of two leaders in the self-service industry.”

About Cryptera

Cryptera, a Diebold-Nixdorf company, is a leader in Payment Technology solutions that allow customers to deliver a world-class user experience and go beyond EMV and PCI standards. Cryptera creates reliable and secure hardware, software and services to protect sensitive information using cryptographic methods and secure processes Customers using the Cryptera platform achieve flexibility and agility in managing their processes while keeping their sensitive elements secure. For more information please contact www.cryptera.com.

About Zytronic

Zytronic Displays Ltd internationally award-winning touch sensors are used globally in ATMs, digital signage, self-service kiosks and gaming machines as well as by industrial and medical OEMs. The company’s success rests on its patented and highly durable touch sensing technologies, which can be provided in custom designs of 85” and beyond.

In addition to its manufacturing and R&D centre in Newcastle, England, Zytronic has sales offices in Taipei, Tokyo, Austin, Texas and Atlanta, Georgia and a worldwide network of representatives and distributors. For further information please visit https://zytronic-inc.com


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