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Utelogy Announces Hiring of California Polytechnic University Intern as Full-Time Employee

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Utelogy Corporation, creator of software for control and management of audiovisual systems for business and education, is continuing to develop a world-class enterprise control platform with the hiring of new software developers.

Utelogy provides Software-Defined audiovisual (SDAV) technology for control management, analytics and services for smart classrooms, conference rooms and video-conference rooms. With its desire to continually innovate, Utelogy has extended current intern, Ahmad Alhyek a full-time position.

Ahmad is a recent graduate of California State Polytechnic University—Pomona majoring in Computer Science. Ahmad joined Utelogy as an intern working for class credit in the spring of 2016. After demonstrating incredible value to the team, Ahmad is joining Utelogy as a full-time developer.

“We’re excited to be a part of the intern program providing on-the-job training for students. It’s even more valuable when we can offer an individual a full-time career opportunity to continue to innovate and elevate the Utelogy platform for its user-community,” added Frank Pellkofer, CEO of Utelogy.

About Utelogy:

Utelogy Corporation publishes a software-defined AV control and management platform for end-users including higher education, corporations and emergency response centers as well as AV and IT integrators. Utelogy is a flexible, scalable software solution for control, management, and analytics of AV systems that puts the power in the hands of the user. For more information, visit www.utelogy.com


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