SoCal Rentals First To Purchase Martin Audio CDD-LIVE -

SoCal Rentals First To Purchase Martin Audio CDD-LIVE

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Burbank, CA––A leader in professional equipment rentals, technical management and production consulting, SoCal Rentals recently became the first US customer to purchase Martin Audio’s new CDD-LIVE speakers.

According to Audio Department Manager Matt Forgey, “SoCal Rentals has been in business for seven years and we’re the one stop shop for Broadcast and Corporate AV, specifically cameras, LED and full audio and communications systems. Our bread and butter is the Broadcast TV production and live events such as award show, but we’ve been doing more and trade shows for the AV market.

“We’d been in the market for a high quality, smaller format 8” speaker that produced high SPL and a very clear sound, which led to the purchase of 28 Martin Audio CDD-LIVE 8 speakers after a demo of the line. Our AV trade show clients need a speaker that’s easy to hang and rig with a low profile that doesn’t get in the way of lighting and LED displays.”

Asked about the CDD-LIVE’s performance capabilities, Matt explains, “We were blown away by the CDD-LIVE 8 in terms of the sound quality, ease of use and the added flexibility provided by the Dante networking, especially at the price point.Other speakers of similar format, features and quality that we were comparing it to were three times the price; that value in the CDD-LIVE line just doesn’t exist anywhere else in the market right now, and was the defining factor for us in making this purchase.

“The CDD-LIVE’s wider dispersion is particularly effective in trade show applications where the main concern is coverage for large display booths. So a wider coverage pattern allows our client to hang less boxes, saving money and install time, which is always a plus.

“We’ve already deployed the speakers to trade shows in Las Vegas,” Matt concludes. And now that some of our major clients here in LA have found out we have them, we’ve been getting multiple calls for a dozen or so at a time. There are still a lot of people who haven’t heard them yet and in the rental market it’s hard to get people to try something new, but they know and trust the Martin Audio brand so they’re willing to give them a shot.

“By now, everybody who’s heard CDD-LIVE have given us great feedback on the speakers, they love the sound, wide coverage, low profile and price point.”

Photo caption (left to right): Daniel Rivas, Drew Huigens, Pablo Saltero, Matt Forgey

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