Thursday, September 21 Webinar to Discuss IoT, Analytics & the Future of Retail - Thursday, September 21 Webinar to Discuss IoT, Analytics & the Future of Retail

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Digital Signage Connection(DSC), the news and information portal supported byDigital Signage Expoas its year-round resource for digital signage professionals and end users invested in the digital signage space, announced the latest installment of its monthly webinar series will take place Thursday September 21, at 2 p.m. EDT.

Maroun Ishac, Director of Business Development in the Retail Solutions Division and Vikas Sharma, Director of Algorithms Pathfinding for Business, both from Intel, will be joined by David Roth, U.K. and International Marketing and Strategy Director for Kingfisher B&Q plc, one of Europe’s largest retailers, to jointly present ”IoT, Analytics and the Future of Retail,” a topic that has become critical to the retail industry, still trying to find its footing with today’s increasingly fluent digital customers.

In just the past few years, the Internet of Things (IoT) has been called “The next frontier of technology.” With the rise of smart cities, factory floors that identify failing machines on their own, vending machines that know your order, and self-serve meals that can be ordered by app and then reordered automatically, advertisers and consumers are both adapting quickly.

These innovations listed above are examples of how the Internet of Things is fueling innovation in nearly every industry, especially Retail. This webinar will address the positive implications of IoT as well as analytics on the future of Retail. 

Attendance for this 30-minute webinar, sponsored byIntel,is free, butregistration is requiredat

The monthly webinar series will focus on topics relevant to all aspects of digital signage from technology to content, including:

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