Platt Retail Institute Releases Journal of Retail Analytics. -

Platt Retail Institute Releases Journal of Retail Analytics.

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Platt Retail Institute has released its Q3 issue of the Journal of Retail Analytics.

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The Journal of Retail Analytics is a comprehensive quarterly publication that includes news and case studies regarding retail analytics, digital customer-facing technologies, and related topics. It provides a snapshot of the economy as it impacts retailers and consumers. In addition, the Journal examines trends in the use of retail analytics and details developments in the digital communications industry.

The Q3 2017 Journal Articles Include: Consumers are the Real 'Things' in the Internet of Things, Digital Experience is the On-Location Element of Customer Experience, Evidence of the Value of Consumer Engagement Via Branded Apps, Insights into Deploying RFID Systems in Retail, The Apple Store Versus the Microsoft Store, and Why Effective Content on Digital Signage Drives Sales at Retail.

The Journal of Retail Analytics is available for free download with registration.


Platt Retail Institute Expands Research

Steven Keith Platt, Director, Platt Retail Institute, Hinsdale, IL continues to believe that the long-term prospects for the Digital Communications Network (“DCN”) industry are outstanding. “As the industry matures, each deployment success and failure leads to a greater understanding of short and long-term sector deployment prospects. For instance, while the outlook for deployment in governmental applications is outstanding, recent events indicate that such opportunities will not mature for a long time. Similarly, we have advocated that traditional advertising messages will not work in the vast majority of retail environments, whereas promotional content does. As a result of this ad model focus, the uptake for various retail applications is lagging. On the other hand, such advertising can be successful in various out-of-home (“OOH”) environments. Due to this and other factors, DCN deployments in the OOH market are accelerating. “...