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Flowing Into the Future by Chuck Ansbacher

“Talk less, show more,” was the motto at this year’s Streaming Media East conference. Taking place May 15-16 at the New York Hilton, the conference provided a nice balance of both.   In addition to the many exhibitors, such as NewTek, Haivision, Wowza, and roughly 40 others, a device pavilion allowed attendees to get

Do You Get It? by Christopher Maione

The phrase “Get It” has been adopted in the AV industry, so I will make an attempt to provide a definition in context.   Get It: To understand the matter or issues at hand as well as the situation and circumstances surrounding the matter or issue and to comprehend the pressures and expectations associated with the p

AVT’s Top 10 iPad Apps for Tech Managers by Virginia Rubey

As app developers advance iPad options, AVT researchers are keeping AV pros ahead of the game. Here's our Summer Most Wanted List. KEY: Look for the + symbol to identify universal apps. P+ indicates universal compatibility, with an iPad-specific app option Apps marked CS will be available later this year.

AV Equipment Manufacturers: PLEASE STAND BY by Christopher Maione

The InfoComm AV Systems Energy Management Standard group continues its efforts in developing the first Green AV standard. “The goal is to develop a standard (or group of standards) that can be applied universally to audiovisual systems in terms of product selection, design approaches, system management, and operations