Our Tools Are Tainted by AVT Staff

A staggering manufacturing system in China has made it possible for Apple and other companies to make devices almost as quickly as they can be dreamed up, but for workers, it can be dangerous. Read the full NY Times piece by clicking here .

CES 2012 Day 1: Venetian Audio Exhibits by Lindsey Adler

Well, I survived the first day of my first ever CES. Attempting to break down what I saw seems daunting now. Since I’m working with a small window of time before dinner plans with Somfy, I’m going to run through a few things rather quickly. Wisdom Audio One of my earliest appointments was with Wisdom Audio,

Getting Videoconferencing Calls Through Firewalls by Phil Hippensteel

Dear Professor Phil, We’ve encountered a problem when getting video conferencing calls established through our firewall.  A consultant solved the problem but I don’t understand how his changes eliminated the difficulty.  The calls used H.323 and he indicated that he made the firewall H.323 aware.  What does that mea

Where are We Going in AV in 2012? by Christopher Maione

If I could predict the future I assure you I would be picking lottery numbers, not forecasting the ever changing trends in technology and business - however when it comes to AV I’m probably a reasonable source to peek into what this year may bring.  So let me shake up MY crystal ball and see what appears. First, the