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AV Millwork Management by Christopher Maione

I frequently get asked what is the most difficult portion of managing an AV project – and believe me – I’ve managed several very large scale projects, including ground up skyscrapers packed with 40-plus floors of AV systems, a Conference Center, Trading Floors, TV Studio, Cafeteria, and Fitness Center – projects which

How to Staff a 4D Theater

The Solomon Victory Theater at the National WWII Museum in New Orleans provides a multisensory, 4-D experience crafted with 21 st century technology. It’s a venue unlike any other ever built. Aside from the massive design issues and decisions to be made during its development and construction, a staff to ope

iPhone and the Season of Discontent by Virginia Rubey

When the iPhone 3GS was released last summer, having real convergence at your fingertips was intoxicating to smitten consumers. But after a few blissful months, winter came, and the iPhone forced an ultimatum on its admirers: your gloves or me .   The implicit demand left some consumers cool after

To Touchpanel or Not To Touchpanel by Joey D'Angelo

We’ve all seen some pretty extensive rooms with and without touchpanels before. Oftentimes, I feel that designers, consumers, and resellers are all too eager to buy, sell, specify, or install a touchpanel-based control system. My cutoff for providing or not providing a touchpanel in a system in a corporate envi

The Future of Flash by Steve Cunningham

Enough time has passed since the release of Apple's iPad that the little tablet beasties are showing up in classrooms, resulting in a bit of rock star treatment, at least for the moment, for those few and  fortunate students who happen to have one. It also brings to mind Apple's ban on Adobe's ubiquitous Flash animati

Online Video Grabs Marketing Foothold by Steven Vonder Haar

  In a world seemingly saturated with video, are there any growth segments left for companies that sell video production services and gear? Absolutely. Evolving online technologies are making it easier than ever before for organizations of all sizes to develop and distribute video content designed to communi

New Technology for New Journalists by Laura Esposito

Budding journalists at Colorado State University in Fort Collins will be introduced to a new technology in their undergraduate classrooms beginning in Fall 2010—the Flip Video, also known as the Flip cam. Founded in 1968 and accredited since 1972, the journalism department at CSU is one of 13 departments within the C