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Sometimes the Best Laid Plans Aren't the Best Ideas by Steve Cunningham

Generally speaking, having a new or well-refurbished classroom in which to teach is a wonderful thing. However, commissioning that room so it is ready and correctly configured for specific types of classes can be another matter altogether. And commissioning a building full of new rooms can generate anything from a few

11 User-Friendly Products to See at NAB '11

The NAB show opens next week in Las Vegas. It is the premier showcase for developments in the broadcast ecosystem. Amidst the product blitz are some standouts with special relevance for end-users and facility managers, including some noteworthy solutions for aggregated and lower-cost "any-screen content delivery" (cle

The Office 2003 Syndrome and Final Cut Pro Next by Jan Ozer

I usually stay pretty current on software, at least in the editing space, because I review most of the NLEs, and get review copies from the vendors. On the other hand, if I need software that’s mission critical to my day to day working life, or hardware, for that matter, I’ll buy it. For this reason, it came as somewh

HTTP Live Streaming Gains Momentum by Jan Ozer

HTTP Live Streaming (HLS) is an adaptive streaming technology created by Apple for streaming to iDevices, and submitted by the company to the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) for more general use. Over the last two months, both Google and Adobe have added HLS support to key products in their portfolio, which pro

A Vanishing Hardware Server by Steve Cunningham

Apple's recent decision to slam the door on its server business certainly did not have the repercussions that would occur if that announcement had come from, say, Hewlett Packard. But there were ripples generated, and these reinforced the ripples from virtualization. In some cases ripples become waves, as we shall see