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New Technology for New Journalists by Laura Esposito

Budding journalists at Colorado State University in Fort Collins will be introduced to a new technology in their undergraduate classrooms beginning in Fall 2010—the Flip Video, also known as the Flip cam. Founded in 1968 and accredited since 1972, the journalism department at CSU is one of 13 departments within the C

The Top CES Products with Commercial Promise by Christopher Maione

The world’s largest consumer electronics show took place Jan 6-9, 2011, in Las Vegas.  The show statistics reported over 125,000 attendees from all across the globe.  Anything and everything “electronic” was displayed at this show. For electronic geeks – this was heaven and a showcase of the latest and greatest techno

Sometimes the Best Laid Plans Aren't the Best Ideas by Steve Cunningham

Generally speaking, having a new or well-refurbished classroom in which to teach is a wonderful thing. However, commissioning that room so it is ready and correctly configured for specific types of classes can be another matter altogether. And commissioning a building full of new rooms can generate anything from a few

Will the AV Industry Be Overrun? by Christopher Maione

The AV industry, as we know it, dates back to somewhere around 1930s.  It started out as a niche business providing AV equipment to businesses.  At first, there were overhead projectors, slide projectors, screens whiteboard and TVs.  In the less than 100 years, AV has been in existence it has evolved into a sophisticat

11 User-Friendly Products to See at NAB '11

The NAB show opens next week in Las Vegas. It is the premier showcase for developments in the broadcast ecosystem. Amidst the product blitz are some standouts with special relevance for end-users and facility managers, including some noteworthy solutions for aggregated and lower-cost "any-screen content delivery" (cle

The Conflicting World of Intellectual Property by Christopher Maione

Within the AV industry there are all sorts of claims, patents, and copyrights to what is deemed “intellectual property” – but who really owns what?  When it comes to equipment and/or hardware and software technologies a manufacturer can apply for a patent to protect another company from “copying” their produ

Post-CES Wrap: 3D's Real World Impact by Christopher Maione

Last month I mentioned my 21 year old nephew was joining me at CES. I was interested to see his (younger generation) perspective as a first-timer at CES.  I pass the blog pen to Steven Koch: In last month’s blog, my uncle mentioned that he would be taking me to CES.  I’ve been a “gadget enthusiast” for years and had