A Vanishing Hardware Server by Steve Cunningham

Apple's recent decision to slam the door on its server business certainly did not have the repercussions that would occur if that announcement had come from, say, Hewlett Packard. But there were ripples generated, and these reinforced the ripples from virtualization. In some cases ripples become waves, as we shall see

HTTP Live Streaming Gains Momentum by Jan Ozer

HTTP Live Streaming (HLS) is an adaptive streaming technology created by Apple for streaming to iDevices, and submitted by the company to the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) for more general use. Over the last two months, both Google and Adobe have added HLS support to key products in their portfolio, which pro

Analog Sunset – Did We Forget About Audio? by Christopher Maione

We are hearing and reading so much about the analog sunset and most of the information is focused on video, HD video and HDCP compliance of devices such as BluRay DVD players, flat panels and video projectors.  When the full analog sunset sets we will be in a digital world where only HDCP compliant equipment will func

Must Have iPad Apps for Tech Managers by AVT Staff

When iPad first hit the headlines, Kleiner Perkins invested $100 million in iPad app building startups. Consumers were hit by lower eBook prices across the board. Hundreds of colleges like Seton Hill and George Fox decided to grant freshmen iPads. If the game is changing, what’s your position? AV Technology has the i

How CES 2012 Will Influence Commercial AV by Christopher Maione, CTS-D

Recently back from Las Vegas and indeed, CES is electronics overload.  Never mind the technology, the show itself is overwhelming with 1.8 million square feet of convention floor space and 150,000 of your closest friends attending.  I make it a point to attend this show every year to get a pulse on the technology that

You're Hired! by Christopher Neto

This summer, I was informed that my position was eliminated. And, with that, six years at a Fortune 500 company ended in a matter of minutes. In an instant I was a statistic and a product of today’s economy. Though I have always considered myself to be in the AV industry, the realization of being the “AV guy” in a no

Leveraging Online Video Can Give You the Edge by Steven Vonder Haar

Stop for a moment to think about the dream marketing vehicle for your organization. In your mind’s eye, this medium would deliver engaging, interactive content. It would be cheap to produce, easy to target and offer ample ways to measure impact on business performance. That description just happens to match the prof