DSW For April 2007

We have received a great deal of interest in our market research offerings. We are working with the Platt Retail Institute, a leading retail research and consulting firm, located in Hinsdale, IL, to offer PRI's research papers. A brief description of these Working Papers follows. Interested parties can email me at dkeene@nbmedia.com

It's Not All Out-Of-Home

As advertisers begin to shift dollars to digital communication networks ("DCN"), issues concerning ad effectiveness and pricing arise. To address this, some DCN operators are advocating that traditional media metrics be applied. The rationale for this position is that such measures are well established, and that rates currently exist for comparing media. Thus, it is presumed, advertisers will be more inclined to purchase time on a DCN due to familiarity of metrics and ready comparisons. But this one-size fits-all approach fails to consider that different DCN networks should be evaluated differently. Some DCNs look more like out-of-home mediums then others. For example, digital signs in a bus or at an airport are clearly out-of-home, and should be so measured. But in-store signage is a different, more consumer segment driven medium. When considering a DCNs impact inside a store, bank or certain other retail outlets, better measurement models are available. And applying ol

Busy few weeks... returning from the launching of Marketing At Retail magazine during Advertising Week in New York City, and from the Helius Partner Summit in Utah. Nate Hatch, Mike Tippets and all the folks at Helius hosted a great event (their third annual Partner Summit) in Provo, Utah, this past week, and a good cross-section of satellite service providers, display providers, integrators, analysts, and the press were in attendance. Keynotes were provided by Chris Baugh, President, Northern Sky Research whose "IP Video Communications-State of the Market" address gave results of a major survey of business trends; and Laura Davis-Taylor, of Retail Media Consulting who gave attendees an update of Digital Signage in the retail space. A variety of panelists including myself, Craig Pressler of OOH Vision Networks, Steven Platt, Randy Young of Magenta Research, and more took part in wide-ranging discussions on the state of the industry (and a few mountain treks up in the Sundance prop

This month, we kick off our monthly muse for Digital Signage Weekly. For the May issue, we are introducing our Fifth Working Paper, titled Impacting the Customer Experience at a Bank Branch through a Digital Communications Network. The Working Papers Sponsors include the following: Digital Retailing Expo; DigitalView; Diversified Media Group; GlobeCast; NEC Display Solutions; POPAI; Reflect Systems; VideoMining; the JC Penney Center for Retail Excellence at Southern Methodist University; and the Center for Retailing Education and Research at the University of Florida. The retail banking business is extremely competitive. Compounding this, consumers consider banking products and services to be commoditized offerings, essentially all being viewed as somewhat the same. Due to the competitive nature of the industry on the one hand, and the homogenized view of its product and service offerings on the other, retail banks are challenged to develop meaningful marketing activities to ensure ne


By all accounts, 2007 should be a very good year for the Digital Communications Network ("DCN") industry. Many retailers are advancing projects, we are seeing banks expanding their networks, and advertisers are beginning to take the industry seriously.  For many firms, this may be the year that marks the shift into a profitable growth trajectory.

Black Box White Paper - Beginner’s Guide to Digital Signage

Black Box recently released a series of white papers discussing issues in digital signage and how to properly choose the right system. This specific white paper is aimed at those just starting out. The company provides a Beginner’s Guide to Digital Signage. Download the full white paper here .   Black Box... www.

Digital Signage at GV Expo

CMP has announced that a special Digital Signage conference will take place at GV Expo, December 6-7, 2006, Washington, DC. GV Expo is produced by CMP Entertainment Media. The conference sessions are being produced by Steven Keith Platt, Director and Research Fellow, Platt Retail Institute.

New Whitepaper Addresses Content of Dynamic Media

A new industry whitepaper focused on dynamic media content is now available for download at www.LyleBunn.com . The paper, titled "The CONTENT of Dynamic Place-Based Media - The Rise of the "Content is King" Monarchy," is available for free. The 44 page whitepaper covers topics such as: -  the context of content in d