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Top Five Conference Room Mic Myths

When a meeting is large enough that not everyone is able to hear all potential talkers in the room, you need to turn to sound reinforcement or audio conferencing technologies.

13 Mission-Critical Myths promo image

13 Mission-Critical Myths

That rarest of rare-breed applications, the command and control center is the progenitor and propagator of all great interconnection between audiovisual sources and displays.

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The One-Button Myth?

As more consumer devices are capable of exchanging information, working together, and leveraging predictive behavior, users are becoming accustomed to smarter solutions that are automated and easy to operate.

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Selecting Room Scheduling Software

When evaluating the right scheduling solution for your organization, it's important to understand the potential benefits and your own organization's needs Software based scheduling systems increase the efficiency of meeting room and resource management. They are designed to increase the

Are Feds in Your Future?

While the flat panel display technology alternatives seem to be limited to TFT-LCDs or plasmas, some video purists still lament the demise of the old cathode ray tubes (CRT) that have served us so well since the beginning of television. But the form factor and brightness of flat panel technology seems to have all but obsoleted CRTs,despite many experts' belief in the superior picture quality the old tubes produced.


Smart AV

Not everyone thinks of audiovisual technologies as an element in intelligent buildings, but maybe they should.By Beck Ireland