Marketing to the Female Shopper -

Marketing to the Female Shopper

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POPAI is presenting its “Marketing Sustainable Messages to The Female Shopper” webinar, June 18th 3:00pm-4:30pm EST.

Presenter Craig Ostbo & Ted Morgan, Koopman Ostbo, will address the questions:

What sustainable messages work for female shoppers in-store?

Do you really understand what's important when you target in-store organic and sustainability messages to today's "eco-conscious" female shopper?

This session includes video interviews with female shoppers and discover how to separate the “eco and green hype” from the messages that really resonate with the female shopper whose concerned about, health, nutrition, feeding her family the right things
Koopman Ostbo Marketing Communications has directed the brand and marketing strategies for Kroger's Naturally Preferred Brand, Dairy Farmers of Oregon, Kettle Foods, Wild Oats Markets, The Yoshida Group of Companies, Bob's Red Mill Natural Foods, Smucker's/R.W. Knudsen, Boyd Coffee Company and Castor & Pollux Pet Works, and understands what natural messages resonate with female shoppers, ranging from soccer moms to single career women.

This session will deliver key insights into the female shopper's perceptions of the ever-growing trends of sustainability and natural/organic products, within this influential shopper segment.

Key takeaways Include:
- Who is your consumer, really? Understand your target consumer and how she feels when she heads in-store.
- What does "sustainability" really mean to her?
- How does she make purchase decisions and how influential are sustainable messages?
- How can great display and Marketing at Retail design answer her questions and confusion over product labeling.
- What she says versus what she does. Discover what your target shopper does when no one is looking!

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POPAI University On The Road, presents “Shopper Marketing: When consumers become shoppers” Thursday, February 7, 2008, Toronto, Ontario 8:30 am - 11:00 am Have you ever thought that consumer and buyers are two completely different people, even when it's the same person? With the numerous lapses of the commercial offer and the increasing trend of channel-blurring, this affects all sectors of the retail business and can have a tremendous impact on marketing strategies. Stephane Drouin, SVM partner, will expose attendees to the principles of Shopper Marketing and present key learnings to help score wins in the retail business. Here are a few of the learnings that he be covered throughout the session...

Shopper Engagement Webcast July 18

POPAI will sponsor a Webcast on Shopper engagement, July 18, at 3:00 - 4:30 PM EST. The final results of the first field trial for the Marketing at Retail Initiative (MARI) that was held in the UK, will be presented by Martin Kingdon, as well as the preliminary results of the US field trial. The ground breaking MARI study is designed to measure marketing at-retail programs so to put their measurement on a par with other media such as print and broadcast, by providing  measurements of Shopper Engagement which will show what shoppers actually looked at across the store in terms of in-store media both for the store as a whole and within specific categories. This combined with ROI measurements will provide a full picture of the in-store environment allowing brands and retailers to plan their at-retail executions with a far greater degree of sophistication than has been available historically...

Shopper Media Survey

By James Tenser, VSN Strategies Performance metrics linked to sales and profits are twice as desirable as in-store Gross Rating Points or other third-party ratings, according to a new survey from consulting firm VSN Strategies. Findings from the Retailativity Study of Shopper Media Network Practices and Trends suggest that so-called “in-store GRPs” may not be adequate to support strategy and practice for in-store advertising media, including the emerging digital networks.

POPAI Finalizes MARI Shopper Engagement Service

POPAI, the Global Association for Marketing at-Retail, announced that it has finalized contract negotiations with Sheridan Consulting for a new three measurement cycle Shopper Engagement Service as conceived and tested during Phase One of POPAI's Marketing At Retail Initiative (MARI) in the United States and the United Kingdom. The new service tracks engagement with Marketing at Retail materials as shoppers make their way through the store. Shopper Engagement has been recently defined by the MARI advisory council (MAC), a group comprised of brands and retailers participants. The MAC standard for shopper engagement is when a shopper's eye focuses on an item for at least one second. Shoppers, who participate, wear high-tech microsurgical cameras

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By: David Sommer, MEC Retail/Mediaedge:cia Advertising executives used to talk obsessively about “reaching” consumers.  “Who is our target?  How do we reach them as efficiently and effectively as possible with a differentiated and relevant message about our product?” Technology has now created a world where consumers no longer have targets painted on their foreheads and the usual marketing weapons miss the mark.