Standards Plenary Works to Boost Business -

Standards Plenary Works to Boost Business

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It’s the biggest pre-show geek-out perhaps, discussing the likes of spectral balance and other technical nuances. The Standards Plenary also happens to be a bit of an unsung hero of the industry.

About 60 volunteers gathered Monday at InfoComm to do the heavy lifting required to forge this essential process forward.

Plenary session attendees also soaked in an informational keynote from Joseph Tretler Jr., vice president for international policy at the American National Standards Institute (ANSI). Tretler heads up international policymaking and works with a range of different groups, including NIST, ISO, IEC, and the United States Chamber of Commerce, among many others. He shared an overview of ANSI’s standards activities, the standardization system in the U.S., the role that ANSI plays interfacing with regional and national bodies, new initiatives and why it is so important to increase involvement in the process.

As a private, not-for-profit accreditation body, ANSI does not make any standards. Instead, the organization provides leadership within the standardization community across all industries. There are over 100,000 standards developed in the U.S. alone, over 11,000 of which have been submitted to ANSI to become American National Standards, as developed through an open, balanced and consensus-driven process to help build a level playing field for all stakeholders. InfoComm has five approved ANSI domestic standards, developed in its seven years as an ANSI standards developer.

Tretler drove home the myriad benefits standards bring, many of which are most likely vastly overlooked or underappreciated by the average person: promoting efficiency throughout the global supply chain, reducing time to market for products, aiding interoperability between old and new technology and to “provide a level of trust in new technology that is imperative for success,” Tretler explained.

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