The new Formula 1 season is in full swing with Red Bull coming back to defend their three time win with Sebastian Vettel. For all of the races around Europe this year, the Red Bull - Renault team will be using their Energy Station as the main point for meeting and socializing. The three-floor structure is used to host and entertain the staff and visitors of the team.

The audio in the Energy Zone is made up of six individually adjustable living areas with the power and processing coming from sixteen channels of Powersoft M28Q DSP+ETH amplifiers powering custom versions of the Martin Audio AQ5 and AQ6 speakers.

The Four-channel M28Q DSP+ETH amplifiers provide 700 W at 4Ω from each of four channels. The DSP+ETH units are equipped with Powersoft's Armonía Pro Audio Suite software which provides control and monitoring as well as preset management, uploading over the network, various crossover filter types (including IIR and FIR), and separate input and output EQs with a variety of filters.

The project for the audio system was made by Powersoft’s Austrian distributor, Technik Design. Klaus Tuefel from Technik Design explains the installation in more detail - “The specifications that Red Bull gave us was for a system that was both compact and powerful. With the same areas being used for both parties and press conferences, they needed power and definition in the smallest possible space.

Powersoft’s result is a complete system - featuring amplification, processing, zone control, various audio sources and a multichannel radio mic system in a rack that would otherwise be taken up by the amps alone. With the integrated DSP on the Powersoft M Series amps, we have been able to tune every single zone of the installation - from the Martin Audio speakers to the dedicated press speakers used for direct transmission to voice recorders.”