IAVI Adds New Hitachi Projectors

Fort Lauderdale, FL--IAVI has added Hitachi’s newest models to their line of projectors, the CP-WX8240, CP-WX8255, CP-X8150, and CP-X8160 Installation Series.

These advanced models offer improved brightness, contrast, and resolution, providing an intense display of colored graphics for screen sizes up to 300 inches. In addition, they also include flexible connectivity, network capability controlled by a LAN connection, technical specs, and a various amount of other enhancements, creating the most simplistic usage.

Furthermore, these models offer additional features such as a motorized focus and zooming lens shift to assist in simple image adjustment, connection options providing two HDMI inputs, two computer inputs and a monitor out and two USB inputs, mouse or wireless adapter, an Ethernet jack to obtain a network connection, and a high-performance filter lasting up to 15,000 hours, among others effective characteristics.

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March 23, 2012
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February 23, 2012
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