A New Approach to Cybersecurity on Campus

11/29/2017 2:48:00 PM
By Margot Douaihy
Brava to the University of Massachusetts (UMASS) Amherst. At the recent EDUCAUSE conference and trade show in Philadelphia, UMASS Amherst delegates shared their new National Cyber Security Awareness Month campaign informed by student input and…drumroll…starring students (and their pets).

This project is notable for its unique approach to cybersecurity, a topic that inspires eye rolls at best and apathy at worst. Recent statistics from The Cybersecurity Business Report reveal a stunning gap between risk and reality. Users, on average, are overconfident about cybersecurity despite the fact that “cyber crime is the greatest threat to every company in the world,” according to Ginni Rometty, IBM's chairman/CEO. Global ransomware damage costs are predicted to exceed $5 billion in 2017.

Our friends at Inside Higher Ed offer more details about National Cyber Security Awareness Month and how UMASS Amherst is making cybersecurity awareness more personal, fun, and effective.

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