Email Congress now: Meetings industry Legislation

3/15/2009 1:32:04 PM
By PSN Staff

I attended the Barco Rental Partner meeting in Colorado this past week, and the issue surrounding U.S. government TARP money, came up in one of the presentations. There is nothing in the actual TARP legislation that prevents any company getting TARP money from spending on corporate meetings, events, etc. It's really more a matter of public mood, mass media coverage, and cost cutbacks, and how corporate policy is reflecting that.
But lobbying on this issue is still essential, because of the Kerry initiative, that trys to put more teeth into some kind of "no lavish meetings" policy. We strongly suggest that everyone in this industry, email their representatives in congress, and convey the message that the meetings industry is vital to our economy, spinning off many jobs, and it is not a luxury !
Click on the link below and email your senators and congressmen and women:

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