Expansion and Growth Seen Nationwide

6/10/2009 6:42:09 PM
By PSN Staff

Surveying the scene from my perch in front of my email inbox, I have noticed a significant increase in the number of press releases about office openings (see my previous post about The Sextant Group's new Washington, DC office), expansions, and mergers. There is significant growth occurring among consultants and integrators in the AV installation business. Here's a survey of the news from the past two weeks:

On May 19, Acoustic Dimensions and Sound Technology Consultants announced a merger. Consultant partners Craig Janssen and Vance Breshears have reunited to expand its geographic base across the entire U.S. with a California office.

On May 28th, Lewis Sound & Video Professionals, headquartered in Waukesha, WI, sent out a news release stating that the company has opened a new office just outside of Cincinnati, OH. With Rob Schmidt managing the new location, this audiovisual contractor plans to put their expertise to work throughout Ohio, Indiana, and Kentucky.

On June 1, JaffeHolden expanded operations to the Midwest by opening an office in Chicago. Veteran consultant Jonathan Laney is heading up the new office as Principal. The new office joins JaffeHolden's operations in Santa Monica, CA and its headquarters in Norwalk, CT. (Watch this space for an interview with Laney in the near future.)

On June 8, Waveguide Consulting announced the opening of its Los Angeles office and the appointment of David Gales as director of California operations. Gales joins Waveguide with more than 25 years experience in the architecture, construction and audiovisual/communications industries, including eight years as a founding partner and principal with Vantage Technology Consulting Group.

Also on June 8, David P. Hoover sent out an email saying that he was rejoining RCI Sound Systems  in Beltsville, Maryland as Business Development Manager. Hoover reported that RCI is growing and looking for more personnel.

On June 9, Arthur Yeap, president of Novo Group, and Michael Dow, president of Zamar Media Solutions, announced that their two companies will combine their capabilities to form the largest organization based in Northern California dedicated to serving houses of worship of all sizes. The move is not a merger, however. Novo and Zamar will merely function as a resource to the other. Yeap will assist Zamar as a system designer, and Zamar’s sales, administration, project management, customer support/service, training, and installation staff will be available to support Novo. 

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