Just-released PQ Media data indicates that consumer spending on digital media content & technology will grow at double-digit rates over the next five years to reach $1.4 trillion in 2017, exceeding spending on traditional media by more than two-fold.

The PQ Media Global Consumer Spending on Digital Media Content & Technology Forecast 2013-17 delivers the first all-inclusive, consistent set of data and statistics by country, with insights into this monumental secular change in consumer purchasing behavior.

In this third and final installment in the research trilogy, the Global Digital Media & Technology Report Series, PQ Media’s analysts take the first holistic econometric-based view of the surge in consumer digital media spending worldwide to deliver never-before-available data and insights into new technologies and revenue models. Included in this report are 2 digital media sectors, 5 spending categories, and 28 digital product and service segments, by all four major global regions (Americas, Europe, ME&A, and Asia-Pacific) and the world’s 15 leading markets, including the US. Consistent data series are provided by developed and emerging economies focused on consumer expenditures on digital media content units, subscriptions, access, devices and software, and related services.

Executives challenged to make better business decisions with greater certainty will find the PQ Media Report delivers three distinct advantages:

1. CENSUS-BASED PERSPECTIVE: Permits like comparisons by market, sector, category and product & service not possible with market projections based solely on web-based audience surveys and panels, such as screen device spending patterns that identify global and leading market consumption behavior inflection points:

Global Consumer Spend by Screen Device 2007-17

Source: PQ Media

2. PER CAPITA SPEND COMPARISIONS: Permits like comparisons based on market projections, such as tipping points when and where consumers began spending more on digital media content & technology than they did on traditional media:

Digital Media Per Capita Spend Exceeds Traditional Media

Source: PQ Media

3. BENCHMARKING: The data can be used as a benchmark tool to compare company or product year-over-year performance against global digital sector, category, or segment trends, such as consumer spending in the hot multiplayer online game segment by market.

Global Multiplayer Games Spending Index

Source: PQ Media

For more information or to purchase this Report or to download an Executive Summary with Table-of-Contents and sample Excel datasets go to PQ Media.