The What: NanoLumens unveiled its new line of Design-Specific (DS) Displays at InfoComm 2013 in their booth, #4981.

The What Else:
“Traditionally,” NanoLumens President Rick Cope explained, “large-format displays have been limited to the ‘box’ — fragile, heavy, labor and maintenance-intensive, power-hungry rectangular solutions that could never quite escape the appearance of being nothing more than a big, bulky billboard or TV. Consumers tend to dismiss these displays because they have become so commonplace. It’s hard to make the impact you’re looking for in an increasingly distracted world, and the burden of drawing people’s attention falls on the shoulders of the content creators.”

With NanoLumens’ ability to design and manufacture large-format LED displays in virtually any size, shape, curvature, purchasers of large-format digital signage are no longer bound by the traditional limitations of this type of digital display technology.

NanoLumens’ NanoSlim DS and NanoFlex DS Series are a departure from the traditional one-size-fits-all design paradigm. Available in 4mm, 5mm and 6mm pixel pitches, the NanoSlim DS and NanoFlex DS Series allow customers to specify unique displays in their designs and allow corporations, retailers and venue operators to create an original digital experience.

Why This Matters:
“Now the medium is as impactful as the message,” Cope said. “From convention centers and stadiums to retail establishments and public transportation hubs, customized large-format LED signage is allowing facility owners and advertising network operators to present their messaging in a more unique and engaging way.”