Danley Sound Labs introduced the new SM-80F combined Synergy Horn loudspeaker and Tapped Horn subwoofer.
Danley SM80F

Working hand-in-glove, the integrated SM-80F produces rich low end and crystal clear high end from 45Hz to 17kHz that is uniformly phase coherent within an 80-degree conical beam. Coaxial 12-inch and 1.4-inch mid-high drivers combine with two 15-inch drivers to deliver up to 128/135dB SPL continuous output. The SM-80F’s compact size (45” x 26” x 28” and 215 lbs.) and tremendous value make it an ideal solution for live sound rigs, installed houses of worship, theaters, theme parks, and much more.

“Our new Danley SM-80F will be an all-in-one solution for many applications and a potent, full-frequency member of larger systems,” said Mike Hedden, p¬resident of Danley Sound Labs. “We pride ourselves on offering a full spectrum of products to meet the various demands of professional sound reinforcement systems, including beam widths, output power, and footprints. The SM-80F will fill an asked-for niche in that spectrum, and we’re excited to start rolling them out the door!”