Provision Interactive Technologies announced that Perrier Sparkling Mineral Water (“Perrier”) will be testing a national advertising campaign on Provision’s 3D Savings Center kiosks in efforts to influence consumer purchasing decisions at the point-of-sale.
Provision 3D Savings

The 3D Savings Center kiosk contains Provision’s patented and award-winning 3D holographic display and a 2D interactive touch screen that provides consumers access to information, promotions, rewards and coupons.

“Our 3D Savings Center provides the opportunity for advertisers to reinvent what is possible with respect to shopper marketing,” said Curt Thornton, Provision’s Chief Operating Officer. “We are confident that during our testing phase, the 3D Savings Center will enable Perrier to break through the clutter by the use of augmented reality and generate product awareness and increase in-store purchases through coupon redemption.”

Shoppers in leading retail stores will be drawn to the 3D, holographic image of the Perrier products floating in thin air in front of a 3D Savings Center kiosk. Once at the kiosk, shoppers will be able to use the touchscreen to retrieve a coupon that can be used immediately for Perrier water products.

Provision’s patented and award-winning 3D Savings Center is currently available in hundreds of retailers across the U.S. A recent case study identified that the average rate of redemption for coupons generated by Provision’s 3D Savings Center was 17.4 percent. This is an extraordinary redemption rate when measured against the published national average coupon redemption rate of 1.2 percent.